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Software Developer / Nashville, TN

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Josh Kilgore

After graduating from Nashville School of Law and passing the BAR in 2012, I was excited to start practicing law and utilizing my shiny new license. I transitioned to an attorney role with the State of Tennessee within the same department where I had been working as an Administrative Assistant while attending law school. I enjoyed the work, but felt that there was not much room for growth. I loved the idea of changing the world through the application of logic and reason. I thought that I could most positively impact the world through the law.

I began to become a bit disillusioned and did some soul searching while continuing to serve as Associate General Counsel for the State and decided to seek some way to join my passion for knowledge, problem solving and continuous growth with my love for technology. My answer came when, through mutual friends, I met a seasoned software developer in 2015 who encouraged me to look into Nashville Software School. After discussing coding and tech and my desires for a change in career and work culture, I was ready to make the leap.

From the moment I met my instructors and classmates I knew I had found my tribe. Nashville has been my home my whole life, but it has certainly exploded onto the tech scene in recent years. I feel that my journey has evolved along with the city. I love digging in and really understanding the nuances of the technology and languages that we use. NSS has provided an environment that encourages experimentation and pushing my understanding. This has been, and continues to be, an incredible experience! I now know that I can change the world in ways other than the law. I can't wait to see what the future brings!




JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, C#, SQL

Version Control

Use of Github and Git for version control and code reviews.


ASP.NET, Angular, MVC, Bootstrap, Materialize, Moq, Entity, Dapper


Visual Studio, VScode, Sublime, VMware for partitioning in Mac and Windows environments. Trello, Moqups, Github Issues for and ERDs for solution design.

Let's Get In Touch!

When I'm not coding I love fishing, gaming, playing with my daughters, playing with my dogs, or having drinks with friends. I'd love to get together to discuss opportunities or just talk shop and exchange ideas!